HD PowerPoint Templates

HD PowerPoint Templates for Easy Digital Signage

For easy to use content, choose PowerPoint templates. You can use the PowerPoint template (.pot) files if you use 3M Digital Signage, X20 Media, Exhibio, ChyTV, Helius, Cisco, XStream, Dynasign or Janus Displays. And the templates include .jpg files, so you can use them with any signage solution.

50 PowerPoint templates in HD .pot format with 6 slide backgrounds in each template. 300 .jpgs in 720p high definition format. $99.99 per volume. License for 1 digital signage system.


<BR> (DSV6HD) HD Digital Signage PowerPoint Templates <BR>Buy and download now! <BR><a href=\"http://www.powerfinish.com/cgi-bin/shopper.cgi?key=DSV6HD&preadd=action\"><img width=\"52\" height=\"31\" border=\"0\" alt=\"digital sign powerpoint templates\" src=\"http://www.backgroundlibrary.com/blog/buyitRSM.gif\" /></a>

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